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Green Flagstaff Homes

10 ways to be sustainable and green:

  • Plant a tree
  • Recycle
  • Add Solar PV panels
  • Add a wind turbine
  • Collect Water
  • Take advantage of the sun
  • Reuse(bags, lumber, glass bottles and everything that can be reused)
  • Use Energy Star appliances, heaters and air conditioners
  • Ride your bike
  • Buy organic and locally

Conventional But Green

Ok, maybe and earthship or straw bale home is not for you. You can still incorporate sustainable and green. If you are building, you can do a passive solar design, collect water , add Solar PV panels or do an Energy Star Home (use a couple or mix and match). So you have a home already? Set up some PV panels or a wind turbine. Did you know the governments are giving huge rebates? It about half the price after the rebate. If your on the grid the excess power can be pumped back into the grid and you can get paid. This is not a short term payoff however, it may take a few years depending on how many panels you put up, how much southern exposure and total cost. You can also add a metal roof and collect water or collect water in barrels for garden, trees and indoor plant watering. Its not only free but your plants will love the water, they like it better than treated water and its already room temperature. Insulation is another way you can save on energy. Make sure your attic is well insulated as well as underneath. The wall are a harder fix. Call today and we can set you up with people who have special air leak detecting cameras. This will help find where you are loosing heat(or gaining). Other ideas, switch that old refrigerator(or other appliances) out for a new Energy Star appliance. Remember to recycle when possible and being earth friendly doesn't mean you need to go all out or off the grid, every bit helps.


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