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Straw Bale Homes  

Straw Bale Homes

Straw Bale Homes are made from bales of straw. The bales come from wheat, rye, oats, rice or barley that has already been harvested. The straw bales are either used a animal food or burned in some states. So why not use them for insulation? Or load bering walls? The are two way straw bales are used in constructing a home. Either they are used as load bering structural or the post-and-beam(framed structures of heavy timber jointed together) and the straw bale is used mainly for insulation (and of course recycling earth products).

After construction, the straw bale are coated with stucco and can be painted. The building becomes pest and fire resistant. The insulation value is very high at R-30 to R-45 and energy savings can be from 50 to 75%.


If you have a straw bale home in Arizona and would like to be featured here

email- johnmullaney@hotmail.com


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